The project will have four main parts:

  1. Continued development of an international network to which the PI already belongs. This international collaboration between a number of international scholars, aims to publish an edited volume on this very topic, with the PI as one of the co-editors, and Marco Lisi, another of the project’s members, as author.
  2. Comprehensive approach to study the questions laid out above. We will do this by constructing a number of databases which will enable the contextualizing of leader effects in the 27 EU member states. Once we have constructed the databases, the testing of the hypothesis within the four types of contexts which we have defined will be carried out.
  3. Two international conferences will be organized by the project, one on macro contexts and another on micro contexts of leaders’ impact on democracies.
  4. Organization of a Seminar centred exclusively on Portugal, which will serve to present data from the project which pertains to the Portuguese case exclusively.